The Dreesen Project
2019 - 2021
Sogn - Schleswig
Museumsberg Flensburg
Museumsberg Flensburg, officially known as the Städtische Museen und Sammlungen für den Landesteil Schleswig (The municipal museums and collections of Schleswig region), has been active for more than a century.

Although from the beginnings a Flensburg institution, the importance stretches beyond the city limits - presenting and preserving the cultural heritage of the historical Schleswig duchy in it's entirety.

As the northern half of the historical duchy has belonged to the kingdom of Denmark since 1920, this has inevitably given the region a cross-cultural character unifying the neighbours.

With it's two large museum buildings, the Museumsberg Flensburg is one of the largest museums in Schleswig-Holstein today.

Since the founding in 1876, the museum has been dedicated to the history of art and culture in the region, from the middle ages to present day.

Highlights include the art noveau department showcasing major works by Hans Christiansen, the expressionist works of Erich Heckel, Ernst Barlach and Emil Nolde, as well as contemporary art from the north.
The Norwegian
Museum of Travel and Tourism
Situated on the verdant shores of the mighty Sognefjord, the Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is a museum dedicated to the story of travel and tourism in Norway. The Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism is part of the Museums of Sogn and Fjordane Foundation.

The museum is located in Balestrand, a village known for its tourism history as well as its artist's colony of the nineteenth and twentieth century, viking burials and unique architecture. Situated in the heart of Western Norway, it is surrounded by untouched nature, ancient orchards, world heritage fjords and stave churches.

Although the first efforts that were to result in the museum date back to the 1980's, the museum is today located in a modern and unique main building carved out of the bedrock in 2016. Designed by Askim/Lantto Arkitekter AS, the building is in itself an attraction for visitors; with massive exposed gneiss walls and columns, stunning views and an 8 meter art installation by Børre Sæthre

The main exhibition, presenting the story of tourism in Norway from the beginning of the 1800's, is located here, presented on a multitude of digital screens and interactive displays. Guests can enjoy films in the auditorium, attend the museum's tours, visit the dragon style villa that once housed the British painter Alfred Heaton Cooper and visit the museum cafe, bookshop and library.
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